Wortmannin Facts Sheet

Wortmannin is a  fungal metabolite that specifically inhibits phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI-3), mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and myosin light-chain kinase (MLCK).   Wortmannin is obtained from Penicillium fumiculosum      Wortmannin ; CAS [19545-26-7]   Wortmannin has M.W. 428.4.    Wortmannin is hygroscopic. It should be protected from Light and Moisture. Store in Tightly Sealed Vial.      Wortmannin appears as Off-White to Pale Yellow Solid

Wortmannin is soluble in Methanol and DMSO. Wortmannin's Melting Point is about MP: 240C






More about Wortmannin :

Novel functions of the phosphatidylinositol metabolic pathway discovered by a chemical genomics screen with wortmannin

Wortmannin enhances the induction of micronuclei by low and high LET radiation

DNA replication arrest in XP variant cells after UV exposure is diverted into an Mre11-dependent recombination pathway by the kinase inhibitor wortmannin

The stimulation of heart glycolysis by increased workload does not require AMP-activated protein kinase but a wortmannin-sensitive mechanism

Wortmannin inhibits growth of human non-small-cell lung cancer in vitro and in vivo

DNA-PK inhibitor wortmannin enhances DNA damage induced by bleomycin in V79 Chinese hamster cells








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